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Mistakes to Avoid When Producing a Corporate Video Production

By mithun 0 Comment March 7, 2019

Because producing a corporate video can be time consuming and expensive, you want to make sure things turn out as planned along the way. Although you cannot expect your first video to be flawless and viral, it helps to know the common mistakes you can avoid. If you are planning a corporate video production, here […]

Students Need IT skills

By mithun 0 Comment June 3, 2018

As I argue in a paper in the Journal of Monetary Economics with Giovanni Gallipoli, these information technology – or IT – skills are increasingly required if you want a job with upward mobility and autonomy. A new “IT intensity” index that I developed illustrates this trend. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that measures tasks […]

Technologies are Shaking up Health care

By mithun 0 Comment May 4, 2018

In the past, patient and doctor, or other clinician, would generally meet in person. The clinician would employ the traditional process of seeking a history, undertaking physical examination and perhaps organising tests, to obtain details of the patient’s health-care needs and preferences. The clinician would then relate this information to current knowledge of disease, prognosis […]

Dangerous Thing for the IT industry

By mithun 0 Comment April 9, 2018

But this approach to teaching, in focusing on the accessible and the enjoyable, has the unfortunate side effect of misrepresenting much of the work IT professionals really do. To create and work with information technology at a professional level, both computer science and software engineering are essential skills. But they are rarely even hinted at […]