Are you always excited about beach destinations? If exploring the oceans is one of your top priorities while holidaying, it’s tough for anything to contest with Costa Rica. The country is blessed to have both the pacific and the Atlantic, which makes it one of the finest beach destinations on Earth. In spite of that, you will also get the opportunity to explore the Caribbean Sea if you are off to Costa Rica on your next vacation! Why not make the most of the experience and book a tour across the island. Check out, for further information.

Costa Rica is a nature’s paradise. Gifted with the far-stretched coastlines, the mild tropical climate and the opulence of wildlife, forests, rivers, volcanoes and natural lakes—Costa Rica is a spectacular gateway for any nature lover. If you want more such as activities in your tour- this country is not going to disappoint you. When you’re planning a visit, consider Costa Rica villas Exceptional Villas if you’re looking for something truly spectacular and unique – perfect for honeymoons or vacations.

So, here are some of the viable reasons why you must visit Costa Rica—

Fishing Tours

Let’s start with the flagship fishing tours of Costa Rica. Sportfishing is one of the most interesting water activities that you can experience here. You will get the permit to charter a boat and be there in the oceans for half day or full day. Some fishing enthusiasts don’t leave the opportunity to stay there in the waters for more than 2-3 days. You will get well-equipped boats where you can stay with your family or friends during the fishing tour.

Get your trophy fishes and measure to break the records. But make sure, as Costa Rica is popular for conserving the biodiversity, it’s your responsibility to leave the fish after measuring. You can get the opportunity to run your boat through the herds of roosterfish, Wahi Wahi, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Marlin and more. Costa Rica organizes a World Championship of Sportsfishing at Quepos.

Explore the beaches

As the country is privileged to have both the super Oceans- the Pacific and the Atlantic- you being the traveler will feel yourself lucky to explore the beaches on both the oceans. With the change of geographical locations the sands change its color from yellow to white. But standing in one of those pristine beaches and witnessing the sunrise or sunset will be the experience of your lifetime. Don’t miss out the fantastic beaches such as Jaco, Samara, Tamarindo, Nosara, Carrillo, Limon, Uvita, Quepos, etc.

Fun activities on the land

Apart from the beach or water activities, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy on the land. If you can’t speak Spanish, join a class there or you can also volunteer to teach English Costa Rica. There are various good centers that teach great Spanish to tourists.

Opt for horse-riding too. You are allowed to ride by the beaches as well. Don’t miss out the nightlife frolic by the beach restaurants and pubs. It will be a great opportunity to sip in the mind-blowing cognacs that you have hardly tried before.

Finally, safari and especially hiking to the volcano parks are one of the best land activities that you mustn’t miss out while in the beautiful Costa Rica.

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